Intentionalism and the Arts



Toilet Duck and Still Life


My still lifes are inspired by my admiration for Giorgio Morandi and have, over the years, been pared down to single, often mundane objects. My idea is to show that there is beauty in ordinariness and the mundane (this is similar to the philosophy of Zen wabi-sabi) and that still lifes don't have to take, as their inspiration, objects already endowed with beauty, such as velvet drapery and sparkling jugs and bowls of exotic fruits.

Intentist Gideon Parry



This poem was written after a recurring dream involving an ex-lover. When I've had dreams like these, a familiar post-dream pattern emerges in which I suffer beneath a cloud of sadness for the next day. This includes real, physical reactions to the dream such as 'butterflies' in the stomach.. All I can do is wait until the following night's (hopefully more neutral or less emotionally-charged) dream obliterates the memory of the previous night's dream. It's something I have to occasionally put up with, like a pebble in my shoe.

Intentist Gideon Parry