Intentionalism and the Arts

   The Death and Resurrection of the Author? Edited by William Irwin



The Death and Resurrection of the Author by William Irwin 


“Long after movements like deconstruction and post-modernism have faded from the forefront, literary critics and readers generally will feel the urgency of defining a position in regard to questions of authorial intention. From psychoanalysis to feminism, from New Criticism to cultural studies, some version of the question of who is doing the writing is at the center of 20th-century literary studies. This handsome collection of essays is at once itself a set of great landmarks and a Baedeker for 21st-century readers negotiating their way among author functions hidden, implied, real, unconscious, historically determined, disappeared in to the text, or effaced into the fabric of the culture itself.”–Leslie Brisman Karl Young Professor of English Yale University